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Music projects betwen techno, trance and downtempo music.


Miquel Salla

downtempo, dub techno

Having been closely linked to punk and rock culture, Miquel began working with the vynils and experimenting with new sounds, so common was their use for him that immediately took discipline and work habits. In 2012 he has been working in the concert hall Schokoladen Haus of Mitte (Berlin), as sound engineer. His compositions currently can offer all kinds of music for commercials, TV programs, films, theatre and dance companies and so on because years of productions have turned sound manipulation his specialty.

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techno, trance

Neurocom is an experienced DJ and a computer developer, who has decided to start a project of continuing sound research and development of electronic music on the dance floor. With strong roots within the hardcore, punk, grunge, techno and minimal more underground influences, trying not only to make people dance but also to send that melancholic and nonconformist feeling towards people in this society.

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That techno music is laden of melancholy and epic melodies, a sort of modern-style techno trance, addictive and unconventional.


No Surrender

Dub techno music on this release, with the aim to release electronic soul music, where sound aesthetic and function are merged into an entity of hypnotic movement and form. the development from a free netlabel to a digital label was necessary to give a fair income to all instabil artists.


Don't look back

Here we present our selection of 4 tracks from Neurocom, all produced with dark sounds and pure techno feeling, giving the EP an extra push with Ioan Gamboa’s remix of Melangia track, closing a fantastic EP for demanding club crowds.


Sans Imagination

The name chosen by the artist warns, Neurocom is a very personal project that reflects the dance floor in its innermost wave. Tracks in Sans Imagination arent only just the lightest line tap dancing, but thanks to the sound research of its creator (Miquel) we enter a sort of modern-style techno trance, addictive and unconventional. Mindful also to De Un Soplido Pep Gaya remix! Atmospheric and planetary extra ball!